Have you tried everything to lose weight?
Common Health Problems ? Problems Losing Weight, Low Energy, High Cholesterol, Inflammation ... WHY ?
  • ​ I didn't even know I had a problem.  PROBLEM FOODS?
  • ​ I tried it all but my doctor says the "M" word !
  • ​ How do I solve the problem? The BAD STUFF - What is it?!
  • ​ Renewal.  Food is Medicine.  Bring back the GOOD STUFF!
  • ​ The Secret Sauce. I found the answer!

Your Host: Susan Schulz

Susan is a wife, mother of 3, entrepreneur , degreed expert in Engineering Sciences with an emphasis in Biomedical Engineering  and has spent the last 27 years learning about nutrition and how it affects our bodies...  Join Us  to Hear Her Secret Now! 
This Webinar is sure to change the way you LOOK at food and your body to get results... GUARANTEED!
Thursday August 15th, 
5:30 PM PDT / 7:30 PM CDT / 8:30 PM EDT 
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What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
Secret #1:  Identify the Everyday Foods that are Harming You
Whether it's too much of a good thing, or "Trojan Horse foods" masquerading as "healthy", learn  what they are and how they sabotage your health and poison you.
Secret #2: Remove Harmful Toxins from your Body
Re-balance.  your body's nutrition is essential to your body's ability to build and thrive. Learn how to get rid of the harmful things your body won't let go and what to eat to restore health.
Secret #3: Heal and Transform Your Body

Learn steps to reversing the adverse effects of what you are eating, reset your body to its optimal condition, and renew and  start healing your body from the inside out while LOSING WEIGHT with nutritiously dense foods and a  proven system.
Client Testimonials !

Robert M., Tampa, FL, CEO, Health Care Management Company
Goal: Weight Loss 

I was at 188 pounds and definitely needed to lose weight. During the first week I lost 8 lbs and continued to lose weight each week. The second week I lost 5. Third week 3 and the final week I lost 2. These were pounds that I had a hard time to lose. But with your support I was able to lose significant weight and on top of that I was able to lose 3 inches around my waist. It’s disheartening when you can’t fit those pants you have worn for years and years.

Currently, I weigh 170 lbs and I’m able to wear all my size 34 inch pants without sucking in my gut and feeling I’m about to explode. As matter of fact, I must use a really good belt to kept my pants on. I feel so much better after losing the weight. Now, I’m very conscious about what I eat – due to learning the ins and outs of what to eat and what to eat in moderation. 

Results (4 Weeks): Lost 18 lbs


Denise M. , Dallas, TX, Medical Insurance Auditor
Goal: Weight Loss, Reduce Inflammation and Cholesterol
I have to share my 30 days to Healthy Living story because of the tremendous impact it has had on my health. ...My sweet friend Susan reached out to me about the program. It was obvious from the passion in her voice that she believed in the ...products and their health benefits. She had done this herself and experienced first hand the positive results to her own health in addition to her family.
At first I was hesitant, mainly because I had to give up coffee and skittles! Anyone that knows me, understands why this would cause me to pause. Coffee and skittles are my dessert of choice and let’s say my daily consumption was more than I would care to admit.
Well, I agreed to give it a go, but decided to put it off ...(I wanted one more month to savor coffee and eat candy). ...(I) have officially completed the 30-day healthy living program! I am so thankful Susan convinced me to go through it! Not just because of the 1) weight loss, 2) fat reduction, 3) reduced cellulite, 4) renewed energy and much more, but because I feel great and I am a more healthier me! I have no desire to go back to drinking coffee and eating skittles and old eating habits. I am enjoying the benefits of eating clean and drinking plenty of water, which I failed to do before the program. It has rejuvenated my body in a way that I feel healthier and more energetic.
If you are interested in becoming a healthier you in 30-days, I recommend you reach out to Susan Mead Schulz. She is an awesome coach and consultant and was there to answer all my questions and encourage me along the way. I am so thankful to my sweet friend for sharing her passion for a healthy mindset and lifestyle!
Results (4 weeks):
Weight Loss - 10 lbs
Fat Reduction
Reduced Cellulite
Reduced Cholesterol 68 points
Renewed Energy
New Eating Habits
Rejuvenated Body


Mary D., Teacher - Waukesha, WI
Goal: Weight Loss

This program has played a significant role in changing my relationship with food. I’ve been moving towards clean eating for the past five years and felt like I had good eating practices until I decided to do (the) 30 Day Challenge. I was highly motivated during the first time through the challenge in November 2019 and saw a 12 lb weight loss. Familiarity with the process made me question more the second time through- particularly cutting coffee. Susan help me understand the importance of this aspect of the 30 Challenge. Through out every 30 day Challenge, I have seen so many health improvements; more energy, less desire for toxic foods.
The impact of (this program) for the past 7 months have been dramatic. I am so grateful that Susan shared this lifestyle with me. She has been an amazing coach and guide.

Results (4 weeks): Lost 12 lbs 
Health Improvements
More Energy
Less Cravings and Better Eating Habits


Gloria F. and David F. , St. Louis, MO, Home Care 
Goals: Weight Loss
Susan Mead Schultz, who did a webinar... got our commitment to try a new way to think about diet and health...The 30 days to Healthy Living. David and I are...feeling fit.❤️😄
What was really nice was that David was recovering from knee surgery and wasn’t real happy with progress, but in just a couple of weeks after we started this, he noticed a big change in how he felt and much less pain. What really surprised me is how I was able to stick to this “plan” because after about the first week, I really didn’t have as many cravings as I thought I would. Also, I just felt better and didn’t want to lose that feeling.
We really liked the way we felt after we got adjusted to the new way to eat. More energy, less inflammation, and we didn’t have those blood sugar spikes that made us binge and crash on carbs and sugars. Being on this made us have less cravings. It’s been very good, and peace of mind that we are eating healthy is a great benefit too.
I have been overweight ...and it’s ranged between 15 and 20 lbs heavier than I should be for my height. Plus, my clothes were very tight and I was about to go to a bigger size clothing - which was unacceptable! But most of all, I didn’t feel very good, and I feel better now. I’m back down to the weight I was for many years.
My blood tests already came back - all “normal!”
Thank you again - for your patient loving-kindness with all my questions, and for all you have done to help me and David become more healthy! We both still talk about how this diet has been a game-changer and so positive for us in many ways.

Results (4 months): 
Weight Loss - Gloria Lost 14 lbs
Weight Loss - David lost 23 lbs
Lost Inches 
Less Pain in Knee - David
Blood Tests Normal - Gloria
Reduced Inflammation
More Energy
No Blood Sugar Spikes or Crashes
Less Cravings
Peace of Mind


Peggy and Philip P., Real Estate Entrepreneur, Computer Technology, Aurora, CO
Goal: Weight Loss

I am amazed! We've been doing the ...30 Days to Healthy Living. We completed it and I had my blood work done. I just received the results and my cholesterol is down 60+ points!!! WOW! The weight loss is nice but this is great! Thank you, Susan Mead Schulz, for your help! You're a great coach!

Results: (10 weeks)
Weight Loss Philip - 27 lbs
Weight Loss Peggy - 20.6 lbs
Reduced Cholesterol Peggy - 60 points


Mercy S. , Miami, FL, Contract Specialist  
Goal: Reduce Inflammation
I have arthritis in both of my thumbs and they used to hurt so much that sometimes it was hard to open a simple bottle water cap. After I did my 30 days, my inflammation went down; there is no pain and the movements in my thumbs are almost back to normal. Yes my hair is healthier and shinier. I also had acid reflex and used to drink medicine for it. Thanks to the healthy eating, that is gone- no more meds, feel great. I feel healthy, energized, sharper. The program really did wonders for me... I talk about this program to my friends.
Results (4 Weeks) : Reduced inflammation and arthritis symptoms
Lost 6 lbs ,
Lost 5 inches in Waist and 4 inches in Hips
 Acid reflux eliminated,
No medication,
More energy,
Shinier hair


These results are just a sample of the many successes that have been achieved with the 30 Days to Healthy Living Program. No exercise required to lose the weight and get healthy! Lives have been changed. It's not magic, but about the science of nutrition.  What is this plan?! It is called the 30 Days to Healthy Living—a Pure 30 plan. A sustainable program that helps you identify the bad, remove it and replace it with healing food and then heal, re-balance and reset your body. 

Do you want to re-balance and heal your body to its optimal state
Do you want to lose those hard to lose pounds?

Do you want results? A brand new opportunity for your body and current and future health? Learn how I and others lost weight, got better lab results, and I went from a two mammogram woman to a one mammogram woman and tangibly reduced my breast cancer risk.

"I want you to Live Well and SHINE ! "
Susan Schulz

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About Your Presenter: Susan!
Susan wears many hats as she has worked in the industry, was a stay-at-home mom, home-schooled, taught college math,  and volunteered with non-profits and her church. She is an entrepreneur and has her own health and wellness business where she coaches others on how to successfully transform their health in 30 days and beyond, and also teaches others how they can start their own businesses doing the same. She connects with many women in different stages of life and understands the stresses of work and just balancing life.  Through her own family health issues and her personal health journey, she has become passionate about food and nutrition and its role in re-balancing and healing the body. 
"Health is not valued, until sickness comes." Dr. Thomas Fuller 

"I will share how I  took control of my health and the five keys to making that happen, and how you can  be transformed too!  This new opportunity is a game changer. You will not want to miss it!

"I want you to Live Well and SHINE ! "
Susan Schulz
If you are struggling with losing weight, food addictions, low energy and/or unfavorable medical lab results,... This Webinar Is Going To  Change Your Life.
Limited Seats available, To Lock in you spot Enter your name and email address to register and secure your seat at this exciting live event!
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